High Quality Software Development and Consulting in the fields of Business Applications, Automation & Control, Computer Graphics, Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing is our mission since more than 16 years.

As creator of Visual PathBuilder® - an innovative software product for automatically generating programs for  universal industrial robots by using CAD/CAM techniques - we provide our customers with outstanding, reliable and user friendly software solutions.

Mag. Dr. Martin Pflüglmayer

Founder & CEO, Senior Software Engineer & Architect
Mr. Pflüglmayer is graduate of the Johannes Kepler University Linz where he studied Business Informatics and worked as Research Assistent and Teacher at the Department of Software Engineering before he founded the Ratioserv Software Engineering company in the year 2002.

MMag. Dr. Barbara Pflüglmayer

Ms. Pflüglmayer holds a degree in law and studied Social Business Administration at the Johannes Kepler University Linz.

Visual PathBuilder X5

CAD file converter for Janome® Desktop or SCARA robots. Automatically create robot point data from your technical drawings in 3 simple steps without time expensive manual teaching. Import 2D / 3D CAD files, select toolpaths, send them to your robot via RS232 connection and immediate start running the program. Visual PathBuilder X5 does not provide CAD drawing functionality.

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Visual PathBuilder Classic

Visual PathBuilder Classic provides more offline programming and dispensing, soldering or tightening relevant features and functions compared to Visual PathBuilder X5. You can manipulate and draw toolpaths in 3D space for offline programming your robot. Also automatic coordinate alignment by using one or two reference points is included in this software package.

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JRCom .NET or ActiveX Software Component

JRCom is an easy-to-use software component for direct communication with Janome Desktop, SCARA and Gantry Industrial Robots. It allows to develop custom software applications to control one or more robots connected to a computer via RS-232 interface abstracting from the complex communication protocol.

We provide JRCom as .NET or ActiveX / COM software component which can be integrated into your custom robotics applications. The ActiveX control can be used with any ActiveX Container like Microsoft Visual Studio (.NET, Visual Basic, C#, C++, etc.), Delphi, Microsoft Office applications or NI LabVIEW. Use the JRCom .NET assembly for integration into your custom .NET automation applications. JRCom is able to autodected communication parameters and is designed for high flexibility, easy usage and royalty free deployment without additional costs.

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SOSTracking Mobile Emergency Alarming System

SOSTracking® is the platform name for a number of software applications for various hardware devices which allow emergency calls and automatic active or passive localization of persons in case of emergency.

SOSTracking is used in nursing homes, sanatoria, rehabilitation and health care institutions but also by security companies, agriculture, tourism, family and leisure.

The system is fully portable and supports Google Android® smartphones and tablets but also standard laptops and personal computers running Linux or Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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