Ratioserv Software Engineering
Dr. Martin Pflüglmayer
Grub 22, A-4702 Wallern, Austria

Phone / Fax: +43 7249 42019
Mobile: +43 650 4702222
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Welcome to Ratioserv Software Engineering

High Quality Software Development and Consulting in the fields of Automation & Control, Computer Graphics, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) is our mission since more than 12 years.
As creator of 'Visual PathBuilder' - an innovative software product for automatically generating programs for Janome® universal industrial robots by using CAD/CAM techniques - we provide our customers with outstanding, reliable and user friendly software solutions.
Together with our partners we are serving customers from various branches of industry, insurance companies, education and research institutions to trading ventures in Europe and all over the world. Precise and rapid service is our success!

Our expertise in developing and deploying software solutions with high complexity was successfully applied in the following fields of applications:

  • industrial robotics (dispensing, soldering, screw tightening)
  • automatic engine measurement
  • machine vision and process visualization
  • rubber stamp plate manufacturing
  • workflow management
  • electronic controlled fasteners
  • medical diagnosis recognition
  • mobile computing
  • Emergency localization based services