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ActiveX / COM component

JRCom is an easy-to-use ActiveX / Microsoft COM control for direct communication with Desktop, SCARA and Gantry Industrial Robots models of vendor Janome. It allows to develop custom software applications to control one or more robots connected to a PC via RS-232 COM interface.

The control can be used with any ActiveX Container like Microsoft Visual Studio (.NET, Visual Basic, C#, C++, etc.), Delphi, Microsoft Office applications or NI LabVIEW. JRCom enables your existing manufacturing software to integrate Online-Control of the full range of Janome's robot models with low efforts and low cost.

With JRCom you are able to control the 24V I/O interface(s) of the robot, to send movement commands, to retrieve status information and error messages, to start and stop programs or to down- and upload programs. This is done by simple function calls like jrcom1.M2_CPLinearDrive(25.65, 60.0, 15.0, 0.0, False, 10, pError) which will make to robot to move from current position to the position X/Y/Z/R (25.65/60.0/15.0/0.0) with speed of 10 mm/sec.
Simple coding example in C#


.NET component

For .NET developers we provide a Managed Code Assembly including User Controls for WPF and Windows Forms. This is the easiest way to instantly control your robot by your own custom software projects.

You can drag JRComNET User Controls into your project window in Visual Studio and start controlling your robot. Or you use the API functions for moving the robot arm, switching I/O ports or sending / downloading point data. The control is able to autodected communication parameters and is designed for high flexibility, easy usage and royalty free deployment.

Simple coding example in C#

You are invited to download evaluation copies of both software components for free.